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Disabled - They/Them - OFFICIAL Mountain Dew Baja Blast ™ Super-Fan

I've been producing Illustrations for cilents full time since 2019, I also produce illustrations for Pop Culture/ Fandom Conventions all over the country and attend as an Guest, Vendor & Panelist.While Illustration is my main profession, I've done Voice over ,Prop design & Background painting for animation productions.In my freetime I enjoy streaming as an V-Tuber (Virtual Youtuber) on Twitch, drinking Mountain Dew Baja Blast ™ , Rollerskating, and Arcades!

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Upcoming Conventions

  • Anthro New England - January 18-21 2024, WESTIN BOSTON SEAPORT HOTEL BOSTON,MA

  • ISSHOCON - January 26 - 28th 2024

  • BabsCon - March 29 - March 31, 2024 Hyatt Regency SFO

  • TrotCon - July 12-14, 2024, Dayton,OH

  • Everfree Northwest - August 23 - 25, 2024, Hyatt Regency Bellevue Bellevue, WA

  • Megaplex - August 30th-September 1st, 2024 Hyatt Regency International Drive, Orlando FL

  • More to Come!

Has been an Guest at

  • Whinny City (2020,2022)

  • Ponies Online (2022)

  • SeaquestriaFest (2022, 2023)

  • TrotCon (2022)

About Me

I've always had a passion for drawing, and especially with animation, I had my work in galleries during my academic career, and award winning I've been self-taught even teaching my own Classes for 2 years on fundamentals of Animation. I've always loved to draw but also teach and help others.The community has always meant a lot to me, I've done many Charity/Volunteer events in my local community or online for charitable organizations to personal causes. I'm a Disabled LGBTQIA+ Content creator, I was not accepted for who I was. I decided to be the person I wish I could've been to my community, I've started professionally illustrating for Conventions in Late 2018 where things were at my lowest, It became something that I heavily enjoyed doing. To give back to the community and the volunteer-based events that bring them together through artwork is such a powerful feeling.I now dedicate full-time to creating illustrations, animations, graphic designs, and so much more to these events that help bring us together.I always want to reflect that back into my Community, as a disabled LGBTQIA+ Content creator being online can be difficult. I've made any social space I'm a part of an inclusive comfortable space for anyone and everyone to feel safe to express themselves.


Flat Colored

Starting at $65


Starting at $95 USD


Starting at $150 USD


Starting at $45 USD


Starting at $95 USD


Starting at $45 USD

Flat Colored

Inking and Coloring of Characters of your choosing. Comes with Simple Background!Complex characters & scenes may add additional costs.


An Rendered PieceHaving Shadows and highlights and more attention put into details.Complex characters & scenes may add additional costs


  • Cel Shade $95

  • Basic Shading $100

  • Full Shading $150

  • Complicated BGS $5-35


Fully Rendered Piece, done in an professional Illustration style.Complex characters & scenes may add additional costs


  • Toony Only

  • Bust $150

  • FullBody $200

  • Full scene $300+

  • Deluxe Detail rendering + $100

Creating Fandom & Orginal Merchandise

Booth Layouts from previous Shows ((Slide show))

Anime / General ConventionsYear
Youmacon2023 AA
IsshoCon2024 AA
Otaku Summer Bash2023 AA
Furry + MLP ConsYear
Megaplex2022 -2024 Dealers
Anthro New England2024
AnthroExpo2021,2023 - Dealers
Ponyville Ciderfest2019 - 2023
Everfree Northwest2021,2023
WhinnyCity PonyCon2022,2023

Examples of Merchandise

Other examples can be found in our Online Shop

  • Enamel Pins (Hard & Soft)

  • Magnet Backings for Enamel Pins

  • Acrylic Goods (Charms, Standees)

  • Apparel ( Shirts,Socks, Facemasks)

  • Resin Figurines / Art Toys

  • Light up goods ( Light up Charms,Badges, Standees)

  • Prints

  • Mousepads (Shaped & 3D SFW Mousepads)

  • PVC Keychains

  • Jet tags

  • Vinyl Stickers & Vinyl Car Decals

  • Wooden Bookmarks

  • Pinback buttons (Circle & Special shapes)

  • Collapsable Mirrors

  • More on the way!


Two Artists with vastly different styles, offering Onsite & Off site Commissions

Badge & Custom Item Commissions

  • Laminated Badges

  • Acrylic Badges

  • VHS Cover & Enamel PinCase

  • Floppy Disk Badges

  • Hypno Lenticular Badges

  • Enamel Pin Commissions


  • Inked Commissions

  • Posca Canvas Commissions

  • Digital Commissions (Sketch - Fully polished)

  • On-site Printing of Digital Sketch/linework Commissions


From direct multimedia interactions with Vtuber Baja Gryphon, to playing games at our booth we hope to provide a positive and impactful experience for your Con & Attendees.

  • Con Exclusive Merchandise ( Enamel pins)

  • Claw Machine & Gacha Machines to keep this arcade going!

  • Free V-Tuber Meet & Greet Experience having 1 on 1 character interaction in another dimension bringing another level of content.